Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hello . . . .

Today I baked cookies all day(but still have not eaten any!!). I love to give gifts for different occasions so I made Easter sugar cookies while I got my vegetables ready for tomorrow. The weather here is really kind of nice for a change, the sun is shining and it is about 50 degrees and we get to go bowling tonight then come home and wait for the Easter Bunny!!! So I just wanted to post another card or two for cousin Michelle. I love the mice. Happy Easter everyone!!


Dawn Marie said...

Love them as usual!!!TFS! Happy Easter to you and your family!!!

Anonymous said...

Cousin Vicki - There is something seriously wrong w/ you. You keep making cards w/ these FU%&$@# MICE but have not mailed any of them!
Now that Easter is over, how about a nice HB or even a sympathy card w/ no friggin' mice.
Happy Easter!!
Love, Cousin Michelle