Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Girls (and Bob)!!

Playing with my camera again, and of course my favorite subjects are my girls (since my son is not very cooperative anymore). But I also did take one of my little boy and mikey. I really did not think I would like this digital this much. Thanks for looking and have a nice day!!


< Hello everyone, well I got myself a blog award from Bonnie. Since I have not posted in awhile I would like to thank Miss Bonnie and wish her a really nice day!!! I hope everyone had a very nice Valentine's Day. It was my anniversary (16 years, my husband is sooooooo lucky) I had the day off and he worked 12 hours, go figure. He did get me my malted milk balls from the bulk food store (just what I asked for) and a bag of dove chocolates!! Now on to Big Brother 9!!! Between Survivor and Big Brother and working I never get anything else done. I absolutely love Big Brother, except these people seem a little strange. I think we need some older people on that show. Well I am now going back to doing some organizing and get to bed early, I have to work at 8:00 am tomorrow, then I am suppose to go to my sister's to create (hopefully) and then to watch BB9. Remember have a nice day!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday Snow!!

I am still working on cleaning and organizing my room, but I made a few cards last night, since the weather was so wonderful, first freezing rain, then snow!! I Had the day off today, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Played with my camera, went to Paper Tales, Grocery Store, then made cookies and finally SURVIVOR!!!! Good-bye Johnny Fairplay, can not stand that guy!! There are a few other annoying people, but it was pretty good for the first show. Have a nice evening and stay warm!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I was trying to create last night and decided I really need to do some cleaning (and organizing) in my craft room!!! I was just moving things around and found 12 packages of 8 1/2 x 11 card stock!!! I have so much scrapping and card making supplies that I think I need an intervention!!! So maybe if I clean (and organize) this stuff I will be able to do some creating. Maybe I will finish my Son's 8th grade book (considering he is now 21 I think I do need to get busy!!) Speaking of my little boy is has the flu and an exam at 8:00 tonight, poor Bob!! Kind of hard to make him stay home at this age. So wish me luck with my cleaning, since I need to be at work at 4:00, this could take some time!!! Remember, have a nice day!!